When Big Mike Matheney first came to Coronado, I wrote a story about his company Sundance Golf Cart Rentals.

At that time he did not have an office in town, So, he was forced to advertise with On-The- Ground- Outreach.

He had a workshop in El Cajon and would simply leave one of his vehicles on Orange avenue in different locations with a sign offering his service.

We wanted to help him find a permanent space  in our town, but this effort proved very difficult to do  because there were very few spots available and the rents were very high.

The gas station on third and Orange was a prime location but a greedy owner tried to gauge Mike with an exorbitant rent, So, he turned it down and soldiered on until he found his current location on Isabella ave. Undeterred, he worked hard between both towns and slowly the business started to grow,

Big Mike is a big man and an even bigger heart, with 30 years experience in the used golf ball business,  it was time to start something bigger and better.

In 2010 Mike started tearing golf carts apart and building them back together making them better, faster and street legal. Since then, Mike ended the used golf ball business and focused solely on custom builds. In 2013, he started Coronado Golf Cart Rentals which has been greatly popular with San Diego tourists.

Mike Matheny represents the vey best of  the American entrepreneurial system, because he has prevailed against all odds, and as the songs goes ” The record shows, He took the blows, and did it his way”


God Bless America.

Al Graham.

Editor: Coronado Clarion





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