Yesterday I walked into Garage Bona Forchetta Restaurant in Coronado Ca and about 15 seconds later I heard a sweet voice behind me say “Sir, you dropped this on the patio”.

I turned to find a sweet young hostess smiling at me with a little hand held out containing five on hundred dollar bills.

I gratefully took the money and thanked her profusely and in gratitude, I tipped her with two fives and one ten, or so I thought, indeed I had not given her a ten but a 100 dollar bill because she returned again  to inform me that within seconds I had blundered twice.

Stunned by her honesty and pureness I immediately marched her to the managers office to demand that she be further rewarded. “If you do not reward this employee, I will do so myself'”.

Marco the manager was thrilled that his staff was so honest, but told me that he was already in the process of promoting her even before that incident for her conscientiousness.

I further demanded that she be put up for future managerial staff and we all laughed with joy.

I am sure in the future she will become a vital member of Bona Forchetta

I am already a proud booster/promoter of Bona Forchetta for its exquisite and consistently good food and all of the professional staff who all display the very same top drawer table service and manners every single time I go there.

The manager Marco is a pleasant fellow who serves like a proud captain at the helm of this magnificent golden galleon eatery.

I can that assure patrons will never be disappointed by the service and the delicious food, wine and drinks served there.

Al Graham.

Food Critic

Coronado Clarion




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