Today I spoke with a young man who  is a well respected radio presenter in Liverpool England.

His biography below tells of a jovial and light  hearted fellow eager to stimulate his listeners.

However, beneath the surface he is quite deep, indeed a very serious and highly intelligent man to boot.

Scratch the surface a little and you will find a most compassionate and thoughtful chap.

We spoke of many things, one of which is ever in my thoughts and conversations that of clinical depression. 

For more than thirty years I have been a crisis counselor, and in most cases that subject has been, in one way or another, the basis for most of my work.

In all those years, I have never spoken with someone so young, and with so much knowledge, particularly about his own insights and experience.

We also talked about music, poetry and literature, plus how all of the great artists and luminaries who have, and do, suffer the same. I look forward to interviewing with him in the near future.

I am the author of three books, Before The Beatles Where Famous, which chronicles my life growing up in Liverpool.

A book of verse Poet Rain, and I Remember Jim Morrison Too, the true  account concerning the life and times of  the front man for The Doors Jim Morrison.

I am also very pleased  to say that James is my nephew and that I am a very proud uncle to have such a wonderful lad in my orbit.


“You’ll Never walk Alone.

A. R Graham.

As Travel.Radio grows and evolves we are constantly adding to our talented team of presenters.

Joining us on Monday, May 24, is the fabulous James Owen who will bring some fun and frivolity to the brand new Early Breakfast Show.

A veteran of the travel industry James spent 16 years as a hotel manager before taking to the open road, driving holiday coaches all over Europe and the UK.

He has been involved in radio for more than 20 years in the North West, Midlands and Devon.

James has two claims to fame – his cousin is former Southampton FC captain Franny Benali and his great Uncle Alan was married to Anne Morrison, sister of the Doors front man Jim!

He is a classic car fan and a keen cook. He is also an avid dog lover and dad to a rescue Staffi/Boxer cross called Delia.

James will present the new Early Breakfast Show every weekday from 5-7am and early bird listeners can enjoy some of his regular fun features like Morning Inflight Movies and Around the World in 80 seconds!




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