By Alan and Kimberley Graham

The Old Curiosity Shop can be found at 13–14 Portsmouth Street, Westminster, London, near the London School of Economics. The building dates back to the sixteenth century. Constructed from the wood of old ships, it once functioned as a dairy on the estate given by King Charles II to one of his many mistresses. In Victorian times, it received its current name, as it was thought to be the inspiration for Charles Dickens’ description of the antique shop in his novel of the same title. There is also an establishment in Broadstairs called The Old Curiosity Shop, where Dickens rented a home.

Today, Coronado has its own “old curiosity shop” – Treasures From The Heart.

It too is enchanting and filled to the brim with many curious and delightful gifts.

Jeanne Jordan and her son Joshua purchased Treasures From The Heart in 2007 from its original proprietors. They chose to keep the name, yet gave it a complete facelift. Conveniently located between The Brigantine and Miguel’s Cocina, as well as across the street from the Hotel Del Coronado, Treasures serves as ambassador to tourists and locals alike.

“Enchanting and filled to the brim” is no exaggeration. In every nook and cranny there is some fun souvenir special to the island experience, as well as collections of hand-carved Mahogany sculptures of planes, trains, and automobiles, Christmas tree ornaments and the latest in Island apparel, such as Aloha shirts for the men and handcrafted handbags for the ladies, not to mention the cutest kids’ clothes ever. There are signature flip-flops called Switch Flops (my favorites), tea sets, books, handmade jewelry from around the world, wind socks, wall hangings, paintings, a wonderful Beanie Babies collection, kids’ toys and craft sets, holiday specialties, sunglasses, visors, bonnets and hats, and even cozy wintertime slippers (a very hot item). There is literally something for everyone in this charming boutique. It is the perfect one-stop gift shop.

In 2005, Jeanne retired from a 19-year career as a schoolteacher. Instead of taking some well-earned R&R, she decided to go into business with Joshua and they bought Treasures From The Heart. Since then, they have not taken a day off: besides working seven days a week in the shop, they travel six times a year to trade shows, perusing one-of-a-kind goods for their unique inventory.

Upon graduating from high school in 1974, Jeanne moved to California from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to attend college. She met and married her wonderful husband, Doug Jordan, who is a pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Lemon Grove. They have six married children and sixteen grandchildren.

Growing up, Jeanne worked at her family’s store, Rhoads Pharmacy and Gift Shop (, where her father and mother are pharmacists. Dave and Jeanne Lutz have owned the establishment for over 38 years. Located in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, it is the largest gift shop on the east coast. Jeanne’s parents were great mentors in the gift business, teaching her how to carefully select the many distinctive curios for her own shop.

The Switch-Flop: If for no other reason, you must visit Treasures From The Heart to start your switch-flop collection. I swear by them and have six pairs. Basically, a Switch-Flop can be either a flip-flop or a sandal, with Velcro or ornamental buttons that can be interchanged with switches. It is so much fun! It is like having several pairs of shoes in one. You can create a shoe to match every outfit. So get yourself to Treasures From The Heart and start your Switch-Flop addiction. They are priceless yet affordable!

Treasures From The Heart is located at:

1349 Orange Avenue
(Across from the Hotel Del Coronado)|
Coronado, California 92118
(619) 437-1825

Treasures From The Heart is open seven days a week (Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.; Sundays 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 pm.). Stop in for your own pair of Switch-Flops and a gift for that special friend or family member. It is ideal for all those last-minute presents as well as carefully planned treasures!!! Plus, the service does not get any more friendly or accommodating. Jeanne and Joshua Jordan are the best in the business!!!



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