Magnus “Erik” Karlsson graduated from Coronado High School in 2007, he then attended LMU where he graduated in 2011. At 23 years old, Erik is experiencing life as a CEO of his very own company, Torka Dry Bags with its headquarters right here in his home town of Coronado. Besides running his own company, Erik serves 40 hours a week as one of Cornado’s Finest: A Lifeguard.

After graduating from college, Erik went to Costa Rica to enjoy his lifelong love of all things water and especially his passion for surfing. One day, he was hit by a sudden downpour there ruining his telephone and drenching everything else. Thus sprung his idea for a “sling style” drybag.

Magnus “Erik” Karlsson, CEO The Torka Dry Bag

The drybag is not a new idea but the Torka dry bag employs a special design created by Erik in the form of a sling-style backpack. Ideal not only for surfers but also for all water sports women and men: kayakers, sailors, hikers, rafters, paddlers, skiers, and scuba divers, etc. Few have ever been introduced to dry bags. Surfers all know about them and camping river rafters. The ones that know the importance of keeping your things completely dry: it is an essential.

Stylish, it can be used as a tote for all your fundamentals for a day on the water or near the water (lunch, cold drinks, dry clothes, cell phones, wallets, car keys, etc.) Many will love its convenient size. This summer the junior sailors at the local yacht clubs love to keep their belongings dry in their Torka dry bags as the boats always have water in the bottom of them.


In Torka terms, our dry bags are messenger bags that have a sling that rest over your shoulder while the bag itself hangs on your back. The bag is made out of PVC material. PVC is short for a type of plastic rubbery material. This keeps the bag from soaking up water. All of the seams on the bag are heat-sealed. This makes it so no water gets in and no water gets out. There is also a small zipper pocket located on the outside of the bag for easy access to the necessities. Now, this might confuse some people, but the bag unlike the outside pocket does not close using a zipper at the top of the bag. This style of dry bag pays homage to an older way of closing and securing the bag, yet we believe it is still the most effective. The Torka bag is longer at the top. The sides can be pinched and rolled tightly downward. Using the buckles at the top, after rolling it down three times, the buckles are turned toward each other and in a secure fashion are then clipped together to fasten the bag shut. This is how old sailors and travelers closed their sacks. This is how it was done for many years, and this is why Torka wants to continue the tradition. The Torka bag represents a lifestyle of the old ways with new technology that gives it a sleek design that is both functional and reliable to whomever chooses to use one.

Special Note:  Also available are Torka t-shirts, hats, and jackets. You see kids all over town in Torka shirts!

VISIT:  www.torkadrybags.com for more information and easy ordering


Contact : TORKA DRY BAGS (Ask for King Magnus)
Phone: (619) 961-5321
MON – FRI 8 AM – 8 PM PT;  SAT 9AM – 6 PM PT

“It’s not just a bag it’s a lifestyle. Join the movement. Stay dry with Torka.” – Erik Karlsson, Founder & CEO

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