My Story of “1022 Park Place”: A Baby Crying

By Helen Nichols Murphy Battleson

Shortly after we sold the house to the Hubbard Family in March 1975 and moved to 1704 Visalia Row, we went to an auction at Buckingham Galleries. Seated in front of my mother and I were the Hudsons who had sold us 1022 Park Place in the early 1970s. After a while, Mr. Hudson turned to us and asked if we had ever heard a baby crying in the house? My mother, Mallie Nichols almost jumped out of her seat! She said, “Yes.” Shortly after we moved in with our five kids, including our youngest son Kelley Murphy, born in May 1972, and who was about seventeen months old at the time, we went out for the evening and my mother stayed to watch the kids. When we came home, she was more than a little upset, as she had been combing the three-story house looking for the baby that she kept hearing crying. She had first thought it was our little one, but when she went into his bedroom and looked in the crib, he was sound asleep. The Hudson family had had the same experience, hearing the baby cry and searching for the baby everywhere in the house…

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