By Polly Coleman

I remember being ten and holding my baby brother while Dr. Mushovic gave him his first shots, and my Mother and I both getting a shot in the buttock and it hurt! We went to him instead of base doctors as it was so much better. We lived at 641 Coronado Avenue. My parents bought the house before Dad spent four years in ‘Nam. Went to Crown, junior high, then 9th and 10th grades in Coronado. Then we were off to D.C., as he did a tour at ComCruDesPac Pentagon duty. Yuck!! Good times, but bad times too. D.C .was not good for a Cally girl in the early 70s. Went to SuperFly premiere at Constitution Hall and got mugged. And I wasn’t a racist! The bad times…I loved D.C., but only in the earlier tours. Coronado was the best. You know my boyfriend was Jim Longino Jr., who was the son of Admiral Longino of NAS North Island at the time. They lived in the Commandant quarters and they were so beautiful, all white, out on the bay. We both went East at the same time. His parents moved to a Georgetown brownstone and he was off to a college in Colorado Springs. Then he died in a skiing accident. Don’t think I ever got over that. Such is Navy life that we didn’t ever seem to talk about. We just said our goodbyes so many times…Too many times. This is so theraputic LOL xxoo Polly

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