After eight years, Family Gym on B street near Orange avenue in Coronado has closed up shop. “We just didn’t have the volume to offer $20 and $30 a month memberships,” said Reed Holman, a trainer at the gym and Ethyanne Ochoa’s son. “If we had 2000 or even 1000 people we might have been able to swing it,” he said.

The decision was sudden. The doors were locked on Tuesday nigh and by Wednesday morning the facility was stripped of equipment and furnishings. Members were not officially notified and most learned of the closing when they came to work out.

The Ochoa’s allegedly spent thousands of dollars upgrading the gym with new equipment, though Holman wouldn’t give an exact figure. All the equipment has been moved to the new gym in East Village.

To cover the expense, the gym was forced to raise monthly fees to $49 per month, but the owners found that people in Coronado did want to pay it or could not afford it.

Ochoa and his brother have been in the Gym Scam for many years and the City of Glendale near Los Angeles enacted an ordinance specifically directed at their operation concerning credit card attachment and questionable contracts.

The most egregious stunt The Brothers Grimm pulled was under the guise of helping our Veterans. They organized a boot camp / iron man contest promising to make a nice donation from the proceeds to a local Veterans group. Joe Ochoa rented a massive US flag and draped his building in a macabre commercial stunt to express super patriotism whilst preying on the emotions of patriotic citizens to fleece them in order to fill his own coiffeurs.  

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”  Samuel Johnson April 7, 1775.

Badly publicized and promoted he refused to live up to his commitment and left town in disgrace. He now operates a low rent operation in the worst part of San Diego whose pedestrians are the homeless, alcoholics, and all manner of low life criminals.  And So, in a bizarre twist of fate we find him suitable ensconced with his own kind in a stinking grimy inner-city  arena.

Paladin Security Services out of Coronado California is still actively investigating  and will provide reports/ updates as they occur.  


There is The Admiral, then the deck, then the ocean, then the bottom of the ocean, then the whale shit, then finally at the bottom of the very bottom are the Ochoa brothers.

Lower Than Whale Shit.

A. R Graham.

Editor ( Coronado Clarion)

Communications File:
Union Tribune  Att: Al Graham
Private investigator field report. 3-22-2013
 Re:Ochoa brothers file.
Joe Ochoa’s news letter on his website implies that the business relationship between him and Ray Wilson is still ongoing. That can be a reason to contact Ray Wilson. Also, discovered another one of the Ochoa lieutenants in Ventura, California. Dave Swann owner of Hollywood Fitness. Dave was trained by Joe and Miguel twenty years ago and may be continuing the same criminal enterprise the Ochoa brothers have perfected. 
Union Tribune Att:
Al Graham Mar 25


Hi Al,

Mari Payton is now checking out your emails on the gym scams.

 And I got your books, thanks.  Looks very interesting, and right up my alley.

Besides seeing Lennon get kicked out of the Troubador I also saw Paul McCartney and Wings during one of their first tour dates in Sweden in 1972.  I guess I’ve been bad news for the blokes since I believe it was after the concert in Gothenburg, Sweden that Paul and Linda were busted for possession, a marijuana charge that dogged them for many years.

Missed Jim Morrison unfortunately.  My friend wanted to climb over the fence at the Greek Theatre in LA, I said he was nuts and didn’t go.  He got in.  That was probably a year or two at best before he died.

 Oh well,


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