The Highway Man

By Alan Graham

 Witnesses of the Highway Man

Faster than a speeding bullet
More powerful than a locomotive

Able to leap small buildings at a single bound
Look down the road

It’s Highway Man

And his trusty sidekick, Sheila

He has a dog named Sheila and a set of wheels that sets the hearts beating of wanderlust devotees when it cruises by.  He is well-equipped to assist motorists on the busy San Diego freeways.

His outfit is a cross between Indiana Jones and the Wichita lineman right down to the heavy-duty knee pads.  He will give you gas, water, and a cheery smile.  It is all free, no charge.  He firmly believes and lives his philosophy every day.  You will find him cruising back and forth across the Coronado Bridge or in the South Bay near the U.S.-Mexican border always on the look out for a broken-down vehicle and someone in need of his benevolent service.

He has had a few run-ins with people who took umbrage with his efforts, particularly when he admonishes an errant driver, loudly through a speaker mounted on the top of his “Hurdy Gurdy Emergency Vehicle”.

He loves to tell about the people he meets, and helps, and how he loves to see them smile when he tells them, “No charge.”  He is a man on a mission to help other humans and his reward is a simple smile coupled with a thank you.

If you see him, stop him, and give him a small donation for gas because he uses all of his own money to finance his rescue operation. Make the Highway Man smile when you do a good deed for him and the people he helps.

The Highway Man has been giving free roadside service for people in need like changing a tire, providing gas for an empty tank, and pulling over when he sees someone in need to make sure there is safety until the appropriate remedies are at hand.  He has been doing this since the 1960s and all he asks in return is that you pay the kindness forward.  A very honorable man indeed as well as his trusty sidekick, Sheila.  Hats off to you, Highway Man, you are a true hero.

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