Meet Your Mayor

Casey Tanaka , Coronado Mayor

By Al Graham, Editor

Casey Tanaka is the youngest mayor Coronado has ever had.  He is smart, articulate, and personable.  He is also an educator and he brings that credential to the job of mayor which serves the community well.

His management style is based upon his belief that past history is profoundly relevant when it comes to NOT making the same fiscal mistakes.  Mayor Tanaka is also an astute politician who employs sober and reasonable responses to hot-button political issues.

After asking him about his political future or aspirations, the Mayor replies, “I am more interested in the now than in the future and I think the people who elected me expect that.

When asked a question, any question, his response is immediate and fresh — not the same old tired politically correct buzz words.  You will never find him struggling or reaching for a word.  Mayor Tanaka is fluid and thoroughly knowledgeable about all fazes of city government.

Recently, I came upon a group of political campaign signs posted on an alley fence.  The one that stood out the most to me was not a political sign at all.  It was affixed permanently  to the top of the fence and it read:  “Tanaka Lane”.

Casey Tanaka is by no means a jaded politician, he is as passionate about his mayoral duties as he is about his career as an educator.  He is a pleasant and thoughtful man who will, if he chooses to do so, go far as a politician.  In the interim, he is focused on the City of Coronado, California.  We are fortunate to have Casey Tanaka as our mayor.

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