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Meet Staci Marlo

Hear Staci’s single More Holy Ground
When looking at success stories relating to female performers, there are more than a few attributes that usually come into play. Things such as talent, versatility, tenacity and what some may interpret as a “calling.”

Staci began singing at about eight years old. Her musical influences back then were varied, anywhere from Streisand to Earth Wind and Fire. ” My study of musical artists were some of the great performers, not only musicals, but also various soulful vocalists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Dinah Washington, Lena Horne, Nancy Wilson. As a vocalist, I found it very easy to emulate them, and along the way, develop my own style and sound.”

“I was trained classically, performing French, Italian and German arias, studied bel canto and more recently have worked closely with Seth Riggs.
When I was younger, I had limited understanding of music theory, which I have continued studying over the last few years, so I relied on my ears for that time.”
“…I had moved to NYC in my early twenties and continued to hone my craft, studied and did research within theatre and jazz, went to many open mikes and sat in with bands on occasion.”

Eventually, Staci branched off into recording, live performances, commercial and character voice-overs, making the most of her opportunities and utilizing what she could to best demonstrate her own abilities.

More recently, Staci is completing her third CD project, which is in the jazz genre, combined with various cultural influences. Staci has taken the reigns as a vocalist as well as lyricist on many of her projects. She says she’s always looking to expand her horizons, as she loves a good, healthy challenge. Her previous efforts include working with producers Dave Haddad, Chad Watson, Howard Yearwood, and more recently has been in the studio with producers Steve Pettit and Gerry Cohen recording a few songs on their Pongamoosic catalog.

When taking a personal look at her own craft – both presently as well as into the future, Staci has a rather unique perspective. “The way I view life becomes more real to me after every performance. When I am on stage, I am not performing for myself, for any applause,etc….I am creating it for the shared experience…in the name of love. If I can take someone on a journey even for a little while, and take them away from their problems, their stresses, and help them heal, then I’ve done my job well, and I can see it their eyes.”

Staci’s music can be found on ITunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster.
Enjoy the music!

Meet Stephen Koen

This is his newest single: Follow
Written and sang by Stephen Koen, Produced by Peter Roberts

Visit Stephen’s website at

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Meet George Koen

George Koen Bio

Samples from the new album: George Koen’s Circle of Friends!

(1) God’s Paintings
(2) Carry On
(3) Sadie
(4) Any Fool But Me
(5) Some People
(6) I Will Say I Love You
(7) Natural
(8) State of Mind
(9) Sepulcher
(10) Sail Away
(11) This Train
(12) Stoke the Flame

Introducing Okay Okay

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