KPXI Rebel Mobile Nuclear Radio

KPXI RADIO:  It is pronounced Kay Pixie and it is a radio station like none on this earth.

It is mobile and it is rebellious.  It is raw and it is real.  It is the only nuclear-powered radio network in the entire galaxy.  The network’s signal eminates from a secret loction somewhere in our “Magical Kingdom by the Sea”.  Many interested parties have been trying to locate its transmitter, but as of this moment, they have been unsuccessful.

The announcer is Elliot Rosewater and his identity is unkown.  The editor of the Coronado Clarion is sitting in for him this week, but he leaves behind a strict list of songs that must be played in his absence.  He plays sixties classic rock, jazz, folk, and his favourite, of course, which is classical music:  Beethoven, Bach, Stravinski, et al.

He talks about all things metaphysical, of poerty, art, and literature.  He talks about the struggles of life and the magic of dreams fulfilled.

If you want to ask him a question or request a song, e-mail him at:, or call him at 619-277-1552.

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