Photos by Al Graham (“Crazy Uncle Al”)

Born to proud parents, Jeffrey and Tip Dill on October 27, 2008, Baby Bessie makes everyone in our family’s world complete. As a newborn, she had shown like a bright star and an angel orb. We all knew she was a very special little one.

Jeff and Tip met on a beach in Thailand around Easter in the year 2000. Amidst their beautiful and exotic surroundings, it was love at first sight.

When Jeff returned from his vacation, he and his future bride-to-be would exchange constant phone calls and e-mails. Tip would leave her homeland and family for the city of San Diego to join Jeff that same year. The next year, the Dills wed in Lake Tahoe. After six years of wedded bliss, Jeff and Tip bore “Best Girl” Bessie (Bestida Chaiyo Dill).

Bessie completes the Dill family and has enriched not only her adoring parents’ lives, but also the lives of her families both here and in Thailand. Bessie’s American grandparents are Dr. Donald and Mrs. Christine Dill. She is niece to both Mark and Trisha Dill as well as to Kimberley and Al Graham. Her maternal grandparents are Hom and Bualai Chaiyo. Unfortunately, while Bestida and Tip were visiting her family last year, Tip’s mother, Bualai, passed away just as her paternal grandmother had several years ago, Janet Dill. May they both rest in peace. We just wish they were both here to enjoy their special granddaughter.

We all just get such a kick out of this special little girl! Bessie is forever gleeful. To be around this sweet, playful child is blissful and generates the feelings of joy that only a happy, youngster can bring to our hearts.

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