Recently, noted journalists Bob Woodward and Tom Brokaw alongside the First Lady, Michelle Obama, joined the Oprah Winfrey Show to acknowledge the “epidemic of disconnection” we have as citizens of our great country for the over 5,800 soldiers who have lost their lives in the Iraqi-Afghanistan wars as well as the millions of soldiers, officers, and their families who currently serve this effort on our behalf.  It is time as we honor our warrior heroes to also honor those who struggle in the present.  Many soldiers who are fortunate to survive their deployments only return to be deployed yet once again.  The soldiers miss the birth of their children and the milestones of these children we all cherish so much.  Their spouses and family miss them terribly and worry about them constantly.  Do we?

Who are the Gold Star families?  Who are the Blue Star families?  Gold Star families have lost a loved one in the wars.  Blue Star families have a loved one currently serving in the wars.  This article is an appeal to us as community citizens to reach out to these special families.  Not only to offer our gratitude, but our assistance.  What can we do for you, as a family, to show our gratitude?  Adopt a Family.  We, at the Coronado Clarion, would like to hear and share your stories.  We will serve you and provide awareness.  As a military town, this should be foremost and fundamental in our consciousness.  Coronado owes a huge debt to its military.  Here are some organizations you may participate with and find assistance for your very special families and friends:

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