Welcome to HealthcareInMotion (“HIM”)
Healthcare In Motion, Inc. was created out of the vision to create a circle of trust between patients, physicians and health care facilities. Th goal and passion is to keep people at home with mobile medicine (via MD4Me), by bringing all medical services available to patients if they desire. And if the time comes that this option is not available then Healthcare In Motion will coordinate all patient care, “holding patient’s hands as they walk through the doors of a hospital or nursing home” to ensure their comfort and safety for the rest of their lives.
“Healthcare In Motion’s ultimate goal is to eliminate patients getting lost in the health care system.” That is why we have created a network circle (our circle of trusted) doctors, home care services, skilled nursing facilities, hospice, and pallative care providers.
This network circle allows Healthcare in Motion to refer, schedule, coordinate, and monitor a patients’ care for their family, their primary physician or the facility that the patient was seen or lives in. This system ensures quality care to the patient and guarantees to a physician and/or facility that their patient will return to them after receiving the proper treatment by a referred provider.
Choosing to network/partner with Healthcare In Motion is a win/win for all parties involved: it decreases costs on the health care system, it allows doctors to always be informed about their patients and patients to know that they will be referred to trusted and reputable physcians and health care providers.
Healthcare In Motion eliminates patients
getting lost in the health care system!



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