By Alan Graham.

We think of cardiovascular disease as the result of our modern couch-potato, fast-food lifestyle, but it ain’t exactly so. A 5,000-year-old mummy discovered on the Italian side of the Öetzal Alps and nicknamed “Öetzi” or “The Iceman,” might have died of a heart attack if someone hadn’t killed him first. Scientists have found that Öetzi was genetically predisposed to heart disease, and at the age of 45, already had hardening of the arteries, So, more than likely, it was rotten teeth that killed Oetzi. 

One of the healthiest nations on earth is Switzerland, even though they consume vast amounts of dairy products, a diet that causes high rates of heart ailments in the united states. The reason the Swiss thrive on it is because all of the farm animals are pasture raised which means free of hormones and other killer chemicals.

So, the next time you make a sandwich, think Swiss.

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