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Robert Rendall review of  I Remember Jim Morrison

Well I finished your book a few days ago and have been waiting to have a minute to give you the feedback, which I believe you deserve, I was going to call you but Iam sure you are a busy man and I respect your privacy.

I guess the task was simple 27 years ago set forth by a English teacher in a reformatory, “read this and write a essay on the man and words” the book The Lords and New Creatures, well didn’t seem that easy because the words were alien and confusing, I guess I wasn’t blessed with the ability to understand a man by his poetry, so I tried to do this the opposite way, understand the man then maybe you could understand the words!
But at the time Internet almost non existent research was hard, and when I was able to obtain VHS interviews and listen to albums I just couldn’t figure Jim out , he was so badly portrayed and the words from his poetry almost was separate and didn’t match. This went on for a number of years then it just stopped, until now.
Your book is unlike any book I have ever read, this was more of true experience where you took me from my couch and put me either on the Admirals couch having laughs, or at Jims house listening to nagging Pamela or in the back seat of Lady Blue blazing down the road….it was like I was at all events.
When a book can do that it deserves a standing ovation !!! it had me cracking up laughing to the point where my wife thought I had a few drinks, it also put a lump in my throat of sadness I hadn’t felt since I buried my Mom 4 years ago.
That’s another reason for not calling you, just thinking about the part formaldehyde ghost, a part and description ALL to familiar to me for years up until my Daughter was born I slowed down , and now just don’t touch the stuff cause I have concluded guys like Jim and myself, we are “allergic” to the booze. And didn’t want to get all choked up on the phone.
But it just brought up I guess a lifetime of hell and I could relate to his situation at that point of his life and its a scary place being that close to booze , and powerless over it because it in the blood!!! so it really wasn’t something I wanted to dicuss but at same time I wanted you to be aware the effect that part had.
And I don’t know if was like seeing a extremely terrible accident or extreme thought provoking sadness but the part you describe Jim in the tub” Inside the bathroom the neon light” that small entire paragraph had such a powerful image I didn’t want to revisit, all I thought about was what Brando said near the end” The Horror” from Apocalypse Now, it was like a wave of “how could this happen” came over me. Great job in describing that.
Overall the book is a complete work of art , that I will cherish and pass to my children, and hopefully they do the same.
You really accomplished to fulfill something I searched many years to find , the Jim Morrison as a person, a brother, uncle and a in law and after finishing the book and going back reading some of the poetry he wrote it is much much clearer picture Iam getting from his words, I am actually able to understand his work a bit more.
One of the writings that really stood out and I really liked was Ode to L.a. , that was very very rich stuff, just a lyrical craftsman and he asked for your opinion which obviously trusted your thoughts and insight .
I am going to purchase a copy of The lords and New creatures, since the copy that was given was lost in my friends house fire many years ago and read it and write that essay on my thoughts of the writer of the book and the words themselves, I don’t know why but I don’t like leaving unfinished business!!
So to conclude THANK YOU very much for writing this book, and all your efforts in letting the world know JIM (James D Morrison) I believe your efforts have really worked, even though I am not a crazed fan that lives , breathes and eats Jim Morrison, he has been apart of some of the most hidden parts of my life at 13 which other than my brothers and family , you are the only other person who knows that my Mom stuck me in that place till I was 16, and what a effect Jims writings had on me and this journey, my wife doesn’t even know and I have no plans on telling her, some things people wont understand.
And be sure to send my thanks over to your ex wife if you still chat , because her interviews had helped shed a bit of light on Jim as well and her involvement in the Rock Opera which I just sent Steve the money for, so I think thanks to her as well is in order, and even Andy for what ever his role has been over the years in bringing Jim to light.. And if I am ever visiting Coronado I will be sure to ring you, lunch is on me!!!
Thanks again

Your Friend in the North
Robert F Rendall

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