CORONADO 9 – I Want to be Hated – 1960 

This is episode eight of the thirty-nine episode P.I series, CORONADO 9. The series ran during 1960 and 1961. Rod Cameron headlines as ex-Navy man who now works as a private investigator based in San Diego.

Cameron is taking the ferry from San Diego when he meets a pretty young thing. The woman, Joanne Linville, bats her eyes at Cameron and asks him his name etc. They talk for a few minutes as the ferry reaches the dock. Cameron points out his house just up the road a bit. They will need to meet for a drink or something in the future. Cameron says goodbye and heads home.

Linville just smiles and moves up the ferry rail to the next man. A few words with the fellow, Bill Irwin, and the two drive off. That evening while parked by the water, Irwin attempts a little bit of clutch and grab. Linville is not so inclined, and starts beating him around the head with the heel of her shoe. She then helps herself to Irwin’s wallet before dumping him on the rocks by the water.

Ten minutes later she is pounding on Cameron’s door. She tells Cameron she has been attacked but fought the man off. Cameron reaches for the phone to call the police. Linville is not at all happy with that idea. Cameron calls anyway. It seems that Irwin has already been found and was rushed to the emergency room. He is just barely clinging to life.

The Police soon show to have a word with Miss Linville. It turns out that she has record for bashing men. It seems she is not all right in the brain pan department. Her father had killed her dog when she was a kid, and she has been getting even since. Cameron was lucky he had not taken her up on her offer of drinks etc when they first meet.

Irwin recovers and refuses to press charges. He has a wife and family up north. He does not need a scandal. Linville is released from custody and is soon back at it. She clobbers a guy and takes him and his car on a high speed chase down the highway. Cameron just happens to be handy and joins in the pursuit.

Linville misses a corner and ends up off the road. She runs to the edge of a cliff and prepares to jump to her death. Cameron however talks her down. He arranges to get her the help she needs.


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