Magnificent Blossoms



The Snowball Viburnum, also known as the Guelder Rose or the Snowball Flower, produces tubular, star-shaped blooms that are less than an inch across in thick clusters. Native to Northern Asia, Europe and North Africa, the woody stems of the white flowers may reach up to 28 inches long.  This is a gorgeous and unique addition to any garden not only because of the flower’s beautiful color but also because of it’s unique shape.

Poppy plants are commonly referred to as “poppies” and are flowering specimens from the Papaveraceae family. The blooms have four to six petals with a cluster of stamens in the center. Poppy flowers come in various colors, including red, yellow, pink and white, and some have markings on the petals or in the flower’s center. Flower petals remain crumpled during the bud stage, with the petals lying flat once the poppy is in full bloom.


Bluebells have many different subtypes ranging from the Spanish bluebell to the Scottish bluebell. The different variations of this flower make this beautiful flower, all the more beautiful because of the variety. In the United Kingdom, bluebells are protected by law, and homeowners in their surrounding area are not allowed to disturb them.

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