Intershelter-dome2Inter-shelters were designed to provide a comfortable place to stay just about anywhere. They’ve been used in deserts, deep in the forest, and even on the side of glaciers, providing sleeping shelters, pop up first aid headquarters and observation centers in a flash. The durable pieces can be assembled and reassembled over and over, with a life expectancy of over 30 years. They’re tough enough to withstand hurricane-caliber winds, are fire resistant and will keep interiors dry and mildew-free.

Made from prefab panels of high-tech aerospace composite material, the pieces are comfortable in hot desert climates or in sub-zero degree weather. Transportable in a pick up truck, the domes can pop up to provide a semi permanent home for the homeless, giving a sense of security and an address while they get back on their feet.

When assembled in a group, the Intershelters create an adorable community of domed homes that can be connected to make larger layouts. Ample lighting from the windows and glass doors keep the interiors bright, and the homes can be equipped with solar panels or plugged into the grid to provide power. Intershelters can provide relief not only to the homeless, but can also be used to provide comfortable, private shelter when natural disasters strike.

Intershelterdome4 487424_512398975479404_1191127102_n 3 pod ice cliff

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