Who says animals, even different kinds, can’t be best friends? In fact, their playful interactions with each other can teach us a little something about our own friendships: None of us are exactly the same, yet we all share commonalities, and the things that bring us together as friends are often stronger than the things that divide us.

To prove it, we need only look to these adorable animal pals. Prepare for your heart to melt as these animals remind you what friendship is all about …

Being able to rest your weary head on theirs.

And seeing past someone’s rough exterior.

To know they need a hug, even if they don’t know they need it.

Friendship is about tiny gestures.

And knowing exactly how gentle to be.

Putting differences aside.

Or embracing similarities.

But always supporting each other.

Friendship is making each other laugh.

Looking foolish together.

Or hanging out and watching others look foolish.


Friendship is protecting one another.

Sticking together.

Knowing what’s “deer” to one another.

And always having each other’s back.

But also respecting their space.

Friendship is about being there if they need a helping hand. Or wing.

But it’s also stopping friends from acting stupidly.

Knowing when some tough love is necessary.

While still always accepting them for who they are.

Friendship is flocking together, like birds of a feather.

Even if only one of you has feathers.

Or neither of you does.

Making friends can be about the young and the new.

Or the tried and the true.

Friendship is funny like that. It’s sometimes unlikely.

You never know what will connect you.

But just that something does.

And you know when it works.

Because hey, we all look up at the same sky, right?

All you really have to do is just take a chance and put yourself out there.

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