Second Chance Dog Rescue

By Kimberley Graham

Recently, the Coronado Clarion staff had the great pleasure of meeting Sandra Simpson, president of the Second Chance Dog Rescue organization.  Sandra is very hard-working, conscientious, and remarkably selfless as she forwards the cause of this amazing charity.  She is a testament to humanity and what can be accomplished through perseverance coupled with a huge heart.  Together with the other selfless “rescue team” members, volunteers, and co-founders, Second Chance Dog Rescue is proof of what noteworthy and astonishing feats can be achieved.

What is Second Chance Dog Rescue?  Second Chance Dog Rescue is one of San Diego’s largest and most successful non-profit 501c3 organizations dedicated to saving homeless dogs.  The staff of volunteers rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs from local shelters, owner-surrendered dogs, and dogs from Baja California, Mexico.  Once Second Chance receives a dog, their volunteer veterinarian staff provides medical care, including spaying and neutering along with any necessary rehabilitation.  The organization have saved over 1,600 dogs since they started rescue in November, 2008.

Sandra Simpson came to the United States from England in her late twenties, and rose to become one of San Diego’s top real estate agents/brokers.  Fifteen years ago, she was asked to sponsor a rescue dog at a shelter in Baja, Mexico.  Meeting the dog in person touched her heart so much, her life was changed forever.  Sandra devoted her time, money, and countless hours to helping the homeless dogs at the Baja shelter.  After a decade of volunteering with them, she decided to broaden her passion to include saving dogs and ending the misery of puppy mills in the United States as well as continuing her work in Mexico.

In the fall of 2008, along with co-founders:  Jason Cordoba, Maria Blake, and Sarah Ferrara, Second Chance Dog Rescue was formed.  The founders recognized the urgent need in our community.  “We pride ourselves on being a rescue group that is flexible and non-breed specific.  We also have the ability to rescue senior dogs as well as those with health or medical issues.”

Second Chance Dog Rescue has accomplished a true miracle.  After successfully rescuing over 1,600 dogs from euthanasia in just two short years, Second Chance has placed these animals in loving, safe, forever homes.  How has this all been possible?  Through the utilization of a team of very dedicated volunteers who bring a wealth of experience regarding canine behaviors, keen business sense, use of modern technology networking, and a philosophy of keeping the welfare of the dogs its first priority.  With the support of so many, Second Chance hopes to set a fine example while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in the dog rescue community.

This non-profit is operated solely by volunteerism with no central kennel or shelter location.  All of their dogs are in private homes, so “if it weren’t for our wonderful foster families, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.”  Being a foster with Second Chance is a rewarding experience as you are helping to save another dog’s life!  “We can only rescue the amount of dogs that we have fosters for so we are always looking for new fosters.  We provide you with all the supplies and needed vet care – you provide the dog with love, companionship, and guidance” until they are successfully adopted or you adopt the dog yourself.

“Just as we work to find the right foster dog for you, Second Chance also works hard on finding the right forever home for our rescues.”

Sandra has personally asked the Coronado Clarion to reach out and encourage the community of Coronado to consider joining their fostering program.  Because our dog-loving citizenry, she feels we could provide wonderful opportunities for many of these unfortunate canines to prosper and have a “happy ending” life.  The more foster families on board, the more animals can be saved.  One visit to any animal shelter will, unfortunately, reveal the great need to be filled for our fellow creatures.

Sandra has two rescue dogs of her own:  Dulce and Benjie.  In truth, Sandra can be summed up in one word, and that word is, “lifesaver”.  We, at the Coronado Clarion, are partnering our resources with Second Chance in spreading the word as well as supporting their invaluable work to the canine community.

Lenahan’s Story:

I was kicked to the curb on the city street
I was no longer a puppy — she didn’t think I was “neat”

I soon found myself on my own four feet

I thought I found shelter next to a bar

The shiny lights made me think the car was far

Next thing I knew I was in a cop car

I now have a temporary pin in my leg

It hurts to walk and I hate to beg
But I need surgery soon or I will have a wooden peg

Lenahan was found one night by a loving police officer.  His little leg was broken in two.  He was crying next to a dumpster in a parking lot on the wrong side of town.  The officer took him to an emergency hospital where they put a temporary pin in his leg and cast.

We got a quote on a surgery for $3,500 to get him fixed up.  He also needs his baby teeth removed.  He is 1 years old and is a Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix.  Lenahan has no microchip, tag, or collar.

“If you could donate a few dollars towards his surgery, it would be greatly appreciated.  We will keep you updated on his surgery and when he gets a new home.  We are at $1,420 as of Tuesday, September 14, 2010.”

Second Chance Dog Rescue

2435 C Street, Ste. 5
San Diego, CA  92102
(619) 231-6960
Tax ID # 26-3642128

On a lighter note, Second Chance Dog Rescue is hosting its first fundraiser, the “Spooktacular” Creeps for Critters event, to be held on October 30, 2010.  The proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit our medical fund.  The Spooktacular will be held at the San Diego Country Club from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.  Tickets are $100 and include dinner and a cocktail.  Guests must be 21 or over.  Please join us the staff of the Coronado Clarion and the wonderful dog-loving Second Chance community for lots of fun and celebration in honor of our doggies.  Come in cocktail attire or costumes.  The event is sponsored by Eastlake Village Vet Clinic.

Reserve your tickets at:
(619) 721-3647 (or)

Second Chance is still in need of sponsors for the silent auction and program costs.  Silent Auction items and donations must be delivered to SCDR Headquarters by October 16, 2010.  All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Second Chance Dog Rescue hopes that you will join us in saving dogs by contributing to our worthy cause.

Please contact:

Maria Blake, SILENT AUCTION Coordinator
SCDR’s Creeps for Critters Charity Event
(619) 252-7081 (Cell)

(619) 239-0895 (Office)

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