To my great surprise, I have something to report that will make you pleased.

If you are like me, and have zero skills when it comes to computers and IPhones, then worry no longer because the great company known as Apple is our saving grace.

Recently I have been confounded by  tech issues with my phone, after trying many times online to correct the situation I was left mumbling to myself and questioning if it was worth the effort to continue.

Then along came young Jacob Andrews an Apple employee at the Fashion Valley store in San Diego.

His demeanor is pleasant and professional, his work ethic is super efficient in his attendance to your every need.

He did what others could not come near to doing, as I struggled with some sort of software issue and  which had puzzled many other technicians before him.

I left feeling elated and now I feel confident that in the future, I will never have to worry about any of my devices because I will simply make an appointment and request him, and if he is not available, I will wait until he is.

The store manager Chad Long and his top team leader were also A # one in my book.

Take my advice buy only Apple products if you want the best after market support tech help, it is the finest on earth barring none.


Al Graham Editor/Owner Coronado Clarion.




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