Our country’s veterans are our most honored heroes. We cannot thank them enough for the sacrifices that they make, have made, or will make to keep us safe and protect our country’s freedom. Therefore, it is important that we help them or inform them of all the ways that they can continue to stay healthy after they leave the battlefield. Their health is just as important here at home as it is abroad. After our country’s veterans return home, they should be sure to do all they possibly can to continue to stay healthy.

Eating Healthy
One of the most important things that veterans need to continue to do when they return home is eat healthy. After a veteran has been away from home for months or years at a time, one of the first things that he or she wants to do when returning home is drive by a fast-food restaurant. While a large, greasy hamburger is fine in moderation, the veteran should be sure to not make a habit of eating these foods. An unhealthy diet can lead to many problems including liver problems. If a veteran is unsure of the best type of diet that he or she needs, then he or she can contact the Department of Veterans Affairs to speak with the many registered dieticians that work with the DVA. 

Exercise is great for the veteran’s mental and physical well-being. A veteran sacrifices so much for his or her country. Being involved in and witnessing some of the events of war, a veteran can easily become stressed. However, by continuing to exercise, the veteran greatly improves his or her mood and reduces his or her stress and anxiety.  With improved technology, almost all veterans have the opportunity to get exercise.  Veterans who have been injured can take advantage of technological assistance devices to help with their exercise abilities.  The Department of Veterans Affairs has many robotics that will improve the physical function of veterans who may have been injured.

Getting Physical Examinations
Regular physical examinations are so important for veterans to get. Being in different environments, being exposed to different smells, and being exposed to different chemicals, veterans should make sure they get their physical examinations to make sure they are healthy when they return home. Some of the chemicals that veterans can be exposed to may cause illnesses such as mesothelioma cancer. Also, during these physical examinations, many doctors are trained to determine if the veteran may need a mental examination from the stress that he or she endured while protecting our country.

When it comes to veterans, we salute them for all of the sacrifices that they make to keep us safe. We also encourage them to continue to stay healthy when they come home and enjoy the freedom that they have fought so hard for this country to enjoy. 

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