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Jack Kerouac


American Haiku (Copyright 1959)


“The American Haiku is not exactly the Japanese

Haiku.  The Japanese Haiku is strictly disciplined

to seventeen syllables but since the language

structure is different I don’t think American

Haikus (short three-line poems intended to be

completely packed with Void of Whole) should worry

about syllables because American speech is

something again…bursting to pop.


Above all, a Haiku must be very simple and free

of all poetic trickery and make a little picture

and yet be as airy and graceful as a Vivaldi


             Jack Kerouac


Early morning yellow flowers,

thinking about

the drunkards of Mexico.


No telegram today

only more leaves




boy smashing dandelions

with a stick.


Holding up my

purring cat to the moon

I sighed.


Drunk as a hoot owl,

writing letters

by thunderstorm.


Empty baseball field

a robin

hops along the bench.


All day long

wearing a hat

that wasn’t on my head.


Crossing the football field

coming home from work –

the lonely businessman.


After the shower

among the drenched roses

the bird thrashing in the bath.


Snap your finger

stop the world –

rain falls harder.



too dark to read the page

too cold.


Following each other

my cats stop

when it thunders.


Wash hung out

by moonlight

Friday night in May.


The bottoms of my shoes

are clean

from walking in the rain.


Glow worm

sleeping on this flower –

your light’s on.  


Four Haiku

by Matsuo Basho




A hill without a name

Veiled in morning mist.

The beginning of autumn:
Sea and emerald paddy
Both the same green.

The winds of autumn
Blow: yet still green
The chestnut husks.

A flash of lightning:
Into the gloom
Goes the heron’s


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