Depression In Depth


I am Meredith, a registered nurse, and a health writer. The reason why  
I am contacting you is that I came across your site recently while  
doing some research about depression.

The article which I am referring to is this one here:

I have written a similar in depth post on the topic of depression  
recently, and perhaps you would like to check it out. My article can  
be found here:

In my article, I cover all the key aspects of this illness, together  
with different types of depression and medication options.  There is  
also a detailed infographic about depression on the same page (at the  
very bottom)

Perhaps your readers would find this interesting and useful as well.

Thank you for your time and effort for providing great info on this  
horrible disease that many people know so little about!

With best regards,

Meredith Rogers

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