Att: Corey Menotti
Hotel Del Coronado
Dear Corey,
I would like to thank you most kindly for your efforts concerning the compassionate request for a “last wish” to stay at The Hotel Del Coronado.
I was very disappointed to learn that the “Committee” flatly denied us our request without review or explanation.
The attached video report is my summary of the entire event and the appalling and most callous response by General manager Harold Raposo and his lack of compassion.
I will organize a permanent picketing squad to be ever present in front and in back of the Hotel Del Coronado, complete with musical rendition and live  Zoom broadcasts which will commence at the peak of the summer season.
My effort will be to bring to light the grotesque display of arrogance and lack of compassion toward our community, its residents, and indeed the public in general.
This dispassionate dismissal from such an astonishingly privileged company, is the absolute antithesis to the meaning of hospitality and public relations.
With your own experience in the entertainment industry, I feel that you will fully appreciate the over the top production of ‘Protest Performance’ I intend to display in full Pantomime presentation for all to see.
Please forgive the salty language usage which is not the stuff of a man of the cloth, but I am driven to anger and I will fully repent a a later date.
Again I thank you for your utterly professional response and I do hope to meet again under better circumstances.
Rev. A.R.Graham 
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